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Hello, everyone! My name is Genesis. You may call me Genie as well :) I am excited to be here! I am new, but I hope to make new friends and work on projects with you all. See you guys soon! Take care!

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I really liked Salt, Water and Iron :)

Aw I'm glad you really like it. I'm going to work harder on my music from now on. Did you audition for NGADM'13?

No, i didn't. I have participated in the previous ones, got through the audition rounds.. but i just can't be sure that i can make a song in time.
So, no NGADM for me. Maybe in the future.

Aww okay. I see what you mean. Maybe another event :)
This is my first time auditioning for a contest on here, so I'm nervous lol! I'm really excited to know who will make the cut.

I haven't really listened to any entries this year yet, but i know the bar is set quite high.
So yeah, hope you'll make it :)
Oh, and i'm currently working on a new song. Should i let you know when it's finished? ^_^

Yeah, I haven't listened to everyone's song yet, but there are some big names involved, so we'll see!
Thank you! I appreciate the support :)
Yes, of course! Please let me know. That would be awesome :D

I'm kinda stuck with the song :(
But i'm not giving up!
You working on anything new?

Ugh don't you hate when that happens? I had a song recently where I tried to push through and finish but no inspiration came, so I had to put it in the back burner ;-;

I plan to work on something today. We'll see how it goes :)

Yeah, i do hate it.. :/
And good luck! May the inspiration be with you

Same to you! Hope you get unstuck.