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LOL! Nice XD

Dakzky responds:


Oh this is beautiful. Very lovely job with the storytelling and animation :3

Ah man! I thought you did really well with the animation. However, something went wrong in your audio D: It started when Mario and Luigi were still on the island. Then, when they got on the water, the audio just stopped completely. The audio didn't come back until much later. Hopefully, you can get this fixed? Otherwise, like I said, I enjoyed the animation aspect. The ending was slightly surprising too xD Keep it up!

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Super awesome! I love tracks like this one. The use of the instruments and effects were really well done. Nice opening track to 2014 :) Keep up the awesome work!

VideoGameManiac responds:

Thank you, I really appreciate that :D

I thought I had reviewed this song. Oops xD

Anyway, I love the atmosphere in this song. Very nice and tranquil while also holding a somewhat adventurous tone to it. It's like we are getting ready for the battles ahead, but before that happens, we are experiencing some time of peace. I'm getting that type of vibe from this song. Very good!

What programs/instruments did you use to make this song? :D

VideoGameManiac responds:

ty, I mostly used synthesizers like Harmor or Harmless for different E-Pianos to Rhodes combined with some chinese instruments and also some electric orchestra xd

8-bit goodness :3

I like all the different rhythms in this song. The backbeat and the bass worked really well especially. The melody was really cool too. Keep up the good work!

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Wow! I love this :D I love the little detail with the birds flying under the moon. That's awesome!

YakovlevArt responds:

Oh thank you!
For sure, those (birds) are usually in paintings like these, for scale reference.
Glad you like it =]

Whoa! That looks awesome :D The details are really pretty and well done.

YakovlevArt responds:

That part was the most fun =]

OMG I JUST SAW THIS ART, HAWIT! Sorry I didn't reply sooner. Your characters looks really awesome! I'm excited to see more art from you :D

Hello, everyone! My name is Genesis. You may call me Genie as well :) I am excited to be here! I am new, but I hope to make new friends and work on projects with you all. See you guys soon! Take care!

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