"Coded" got 100 listens whaaaaat~

2013-04-09 22:58:14 by geniebmusic

LOL I know it probably is not a big deal, but I am SO happy that "Coded" got 100 listens so far. WHEE! \o/

I'm just glad that there are people who show a genuine interest in the music that I am creating, so thank you thank you thank you :D

I will work harder for sure. Thank you for reading!

-Genesis B.


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2013-04-09 23:16:33

Next is the 1000 listen mark ;)

geniebmusic responds:

ROFL! That is my new goal. from now on. LET'S DO THIS!


2013-04-11 07:11:27

Congrats! Next step is... ah, LazyBucks already said it. :P And 100k, that's the REAL landmark, the footprint of a legend.

(Updated ) geniebmusic responds:

LOL! I gotta do like those guys in The Reward :D EPIC JOURNEY WOOT!