Okay...you see...what had happened was...

2013-04-26 20:19:14 by geniebmusic

Hi, everyone! Hope you all are well.

I have been extremely busy with finals, projects, and exams, so I have not been on here lately to review music, movies, and art like how I wanted NOR the time to upload some of my music. I thought I would pop in and say "hello" as a way to let you all know that I am still alive and interested in being here xD lol!

With that said, I DO have a new song up in the Audio section. It's called "Not Forgotten." Swing by and check it out if you like. If you have any comments about the song, just let me know. Feel free to message me as well. I don't bite; I promise haha!

Thanks for reading, guys! I'll go on my usual "reviewing spree" in a couple of days if not today, so look forward to that. (No, I do not review people's work because I feel obligated to; I WANT to listen, read, and view other people's content. It's fun!) I definitely look forward to all the new songs and awesomeness you all have put out in the last month. See you guys later!

-Genesis B.



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